Did I do the right thing?

A male friend of mine who has a girlfriend tried to come on to me. I've always had feelings for him, and he used to have feelings for me.

I told him that I wouldn't lower myself or another woman by being "the other woman." But I said that nobody is owed a relationship with anyone, and if he broke up with her, I would be willing to date him.

Should I have just said "no," unequivocally? Was what I said morally wrong?


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  • Speaking your feelings is never wrong, but you must realize your friend may not like you very much after this went down and the fact he's willing to cheat is a major red flag. He's chasing thrills

    • Well, he used to be crazy about me, but I was in a relationship, so he got into a relationship during that time. But I broke up with my ex recently.

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  • nope seems fair. you don't wanna be his affair, but if he was single you would be interested.

  • I think you should've told the girl he's with, she deserves to know if he's being unfaithful

  • Absolutely not

    • Absolutely not to which question? Wrong or not wrong?

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    • I've certainly thought about that. It's a complicated situation.

    • I say go for it but be cautious

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