He kissed me on the lips.

i was drunk

he was sober and working

lots of history - doesn't usually acknowledge me in person

he kissed me in public with my mate near (kissed me on the lips - long but like mwahhhhhhhh)

hasn't spoken to me since...

was it a joke to him?

does he care?

what is he thinking?!?!


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  • I'm sorry but I just really don't think he's interested, especially if he was sober and knew you were drunk; kind of taking advantage of you and that is not a good thing. If he doesn't usually acknowledge you when you're both sober that is definitely a problem. I would stay away from him. He doesn't sound like he cares at all, unfortunately for girls a kiss pretty much always means something to us but for guys that isn't always the case...

    • Due to change of situations etc he never really sees me sober cos he works in the club, but the fact is he was working at the time....

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    • Fair point....


    • I knoww, I'm sorry though! I have been where you are, and I know it sucks!

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