What makes a girl interested in a guy? Is it based more on that particular individual?

Here's a book on my current scenario if you care to read, but the question being answered would help me regardless

So I've been single for around 2 years and began looking around 8 months ago. So far the results have been terrible and I'm not understanding why. There have been a few girls that I went out with and they wanted to continue, but ultimately ended up either having boyfriends or "not knowing what they're looking for but still want to go out". In my situation it's very difficult to just find new people unless I revert to adding random people on Facebook like everyone keeps telling me to do (which has never worked). I work full time and go to school for pre law so I don't meet new people at school or work as they are 20 to 40 years older than me. A lot of people my age (24) that I meet barely have a part time job and I'm wondering if it's somehow viewed as a negative thing towards girls in my age bracket that I have my own cars and house.

Should I just give up and wait until I move away for law school in a few years? At the same time it's kinda lonely and id rather figure out if it's something I'm doing to deter people, or just the really bad area I live in.

I'd rather have someone tell me if I wasn't that good looking or some other explanation rather than just going in blind like I've been. Naturally my friends that are married or in long term relationships can't explain why either


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  • First, there's nothing wrong with you. You're going to pre-law, you have a house, a good job, and you have a car. At our age (your profile says 24, I'm 25) you're basically doing as well as you can be doing.

    Second, women (and men) tend to calm down and get their act together around 25-27. Most girls you seem to be going for aren't at that stage yet, so just give it time.

    Third, consider using dating apps, like Tinder or Bumble, if you want to meet someone.

    Give yourself some time. Focus on improving yourself and women will start to take notice. After a few years of being a part of a law practice, you'll be at the top of the dating food chain. You just need to be patient.


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