My date called me beautiful on the first date. Is he a plYer?

I went on a first date with someone. It was 2 hours. We had coffee, talked and walked around outside a bit. After the date he texted me I looked beautiful today and he would like to see me again and what’s my schedule looking like. Is this player like?
I’ve never bden complimented like this before and I’m easily tricked. I will not have sex with him yet either if that’s what he’s thinking to ease his way in.
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  • It doesn’t mean that if he’s complimenting you. If he said “you have beautiful tits” then yes it means he’s a player. If he didn’t say anything but “you’re beautiful” seems ok

  • No, I think he just wanted to say something nice to you :)

  • Who knows. He’s just complimenting you. Don’t look too deep into that. It’s his actions that matter.

    • You’re right. Let’s see if he actually meets up again.

    • Exactly! :). I wish nothing but good intentions or at least that he makes it obvious enough for you to make a desicion.

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