I like this amazing girl?

I met a girl 11 days ago its not a long time but i had some amazing days with her but i fell in love with her and i am not sure if she likes me to and i am to shy to just ask her any advice on what i can do?


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  • If you want to know if she likes you then notice how she behaves around you, if she does anything that she normally wouldn't do with friends or just anything that shows she likes you more than a friend. If you have questions on this I can help.

    • I never been around her with friends so

    • I mean just the general way people behave around friends. For example, no one (or at least not very many people) looks and smiles at their friend for more than 5 seconds. Or, since you two don't know each other too well, you can see if she seems to somehow be paying attention to you in some way.

What Guys Said 1

  • It takes a long time to fall in love. At the moment you've got that floaty feeling. Was the time you spent with her dates or just random days out with other friends?

    • We work at the same place and some days were just having fun somewhere but i know the diffrence between those 2 things and its really love

    • Well make a subtle move.. If you're off together, invite her to the movies or something. See where that goes.. it's innocent enough!

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