My girl best friend doesn't want me hanging out with my guy best friend, what should I do?

I was pretty good friends with a guy in my class. Then my best friend (girl) found out that he liked her and they started going out. They went out for about 6 months with a couple of break ups and make ups. Anyways while they were going out I got closer to they guy and we became best friends or sort of, then the last month or so that they were going out we got like really close and we use to talk a lot after and during school and he was always telling me things like you should smile more, do this more etc. Then according to my best friend (girl) he started flirting with me (I really don't think so, we just liked to joke around). Then she broke up with him and told me it was totally fine that I was still buds with him. So we stayed in contact almost all summer, then one my other buds sends me a text saying that my best friend (girl) is mad at me so I called her and talked to her and she said she broke up with the guy because of me or something like that and I am still buds with him. Then she told me that I can be buds with him or her so I picked her but now I kind of miss talking to him and stuff so please help me...what should I do?(sorry the story is so long)

I really need help on this so please give me some advice!


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  • hard to choose between two friends when they have a history and she could be doing it to get back at him or she is threatened by you and the the friendship you have with him.

    If you have to choose who wouild you choose and what would happen if they get back together... you could end up loosing both of them.


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