Do you think when we know the feeling is mutual we will see eachother more often?

So, I met this guy off tinder. He was shy, polite and a gentleman. He talked, but there was some awkward silences lol. It was cute, I kinda like him. And he asked me on another date, and in two weeks. He's a farmer so he's pretty busy, and I keep myself busy too. Do you think once we become more closer we will make more time for eachother?


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  • Hopefully with more time and dedication you ans him can become closer. Yeah farmers can be very busy. I hope you can see him soon.

    • It's good to hear that, he might make more attempt to see me too when he knows we are getting close

    • Yes im glad he will attempt to see you more with time. Patience is key. I think thing's could work out with time.

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