Does this guy love me or hate me? (Long story)?

So I've been liking this guy (lets call him Bob) for over 5 years now and we don't talk anymore. We were just kids when he called me his girl bestfriend. We never really talked person to person since we were both in separate schools, so instead we got to know each other through text. Now that I think of it, I was always the one that said 'hey' or 'hi' first. And I would always ask 'who you loving' because that's just what everyone said in our city.
One day I asked Bob who he liked and he told me. He asked me to ask the girl if she like him back. But then he asked which guy I thought was cute. I freaked out and said his bestfriend (lets call him Robert). I guess I kinda did like his bestfriend a lot. I told my girl bestfriend via text and then she sent it to Robert. To this day, he and I don't talk
Then one day my friends and I were walking home from school. We met Bob and a few of his friends and walked with them. One of my friends asked me if I liked Robert in front of everyone and I said no. Then Bob pulled me aside and said "I thought you told me you liked him". He sort of looked hurt. I just replied "no, I was only joking".
I've never texted him since and he never texted me, even to this day.
When high school started we were put into different classes We made no contact whatsoever. But at a disco he smiled and waved at me. I didn't wave back. He was gone by the time I realised it was him.
It's been five years ago. And I know that I am deeply in love with him. He and his crush never dated but they still talk. She is also so much more prettier than me. I still get crushes on other guys but I will never like them like I love Bob. Whenever I make eye contact with him in the halls, it feels like we still have a connection and that we both know that the bond is still there. I like to think that he secretly loves me and that he isn't ready for a relationship with me because we're both still really young.
Someone help. Do I love him or is it just a lost friendship?


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  • Well from this situation, I believe you still love him even though things have been up and down between you and him or it could be lost friendship since you guys don't talk much anymore but still see each other often.

    • Do you have any idea of what he could think of me?

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    • and we literally never talk anymore. its been more than 5 years and because I don't know how to talk to him anymore. I don't wanna go up to him or text him hi and then it be awkward/

    • To me it seems like he tries to talk to you by doing those things like making eye contact at you. But you can always try to make a conversation by saying hey how is it going? Or you can try make a conversation involving with school which I doubt that'll make any awkward

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