What To Expect In a Relationship?

I wish to know what I am doing wrongly in a relationship. Here are some of the things I do: I cook, I clean, I give sweet paragraphs every morning, I have a good sized member (almost all women have told me), I get them gifts, I write songs, I write poems, and I am extremely loving and caring. I don't know what I am doing wrongly. If someone has any suggestions on what else I could do to make a relationship last, please tell me.
More about me:
I am groomed
I work out
I run (track/cross country)
I am a guitarist
I am funny
I am intelligent (good grades, fluent in German, and know a lot about a wide variety of subjects.)
I do not brag.
I am confident when around others. (Not confident with myself when alone though.)


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What Girls Said 1

  • You’re 15. Most high school relationships don’t last very long.


What Guys Said 2

  • Every girl is unique. Not all girls want the same kind of relationship. Figure out what kind of relationship your looking for and find a girl who wants the same kind of relationship.

  • You're 15 lighten up

    • I have been in so many relationships it is not even funny. I am extremely experienced, and I live in a small town. I am scared of being alone.

    • Dude you haven't even started. take sometime to be a kid

    • That is my problem;I can't do that. As much as I would want to quit love for a bit, I simply can't. I am heavily dependent on the love of a woman.

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