Does this girl like me? (She acts extremely different around me)?

There is this girl at my school who has 2 classes with me and I have to admit I like her. During 4th period in the first day of school the teacher gave us our seats and we were at a pretty good table group. There were 2 boys and 3 girls and it was really fun. After school went by for a few more weeks I started to like this girl. She was pretty nice and cool. Then one day the class was playing Kahoot. She was right behind me on the leaderboard in the game and she said “Dang it! (My name) I am going to catch up to you!” I just giggled then she started to blush and her face turned red. Throughout the weeks little things happened like that. Until I told this other girl that I like her. This was a big mistake. She ended up telling her. After lunch during 4th period she said to me “its not gonna work”. Then she did a playful giggle. Then all of a sudden the next day everyone said that she likes me. Then I started to notice more things that are odd. Whenever I look at her, her pupils get big. She always stretches around me and then she will sit in an arch position. One day after this the class was playing soccer on the field in 6th period and I made a good move and passed the ball to someone else. Someone said why (my name) and the girl said “because he’s smart”. Again in the next few weeks she said things like that. Last week I was handing out mechanical pencils to be nice. I had a few left. Then she said “(my name) over here! can I have the green one?” I said “sure” and gave it to her and she smiled and looked deep into my eyes for two seconds. I am friends with her old friend (nit boyfriend) from last year. I asked if she likes me and he said she actually does after a bit. Thank you! Please leave Advice for me 🙂
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What Girls Said 1

  • She might like you


What Guys Said 2

  • By seeing your perspective it seems like she does like you but doesn't wanna make it obvious that she have the feelings for you.

    • Thank you for the reply - I was also thinking something like that

  • It says you are 45 plus and you still go to school?

    • Sorry my age is set incorrectly!!

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