I saw my ex crush today and all the old feelings came rushing back. How do I deal with this?

A long time ago I used to be good friends with an amazing girl. We used to talk a lot every day but I guess a few people got in our way (we dated other people) and we started to forget about each other.

The thing is I still like her because even though I’ve dated other girls I feel like her and I could have something great. She hasn’t changed one bit which means she’s a wonderful person still. I saw her the other day and I thought I had gotten over her but all my feelings came rushing back and I can’t stop thinking about her.

The downside is that every time I try to contact her she already has like 500 guys chasing after her, understandably since she’s gorgeous and smart and funny. But the difference is they never had a friendship like ours. I don’t know if she thinks about me but I need to get her to like me again (yes she said she used to like me).

How do I do this?


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  • Nena try talking to her and do shit together


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