Have your ever been e-tethered if so how did you deal with it/How would you deal with it if you were?

E-tethering for those who don’t know means when a guy checks in with you regularly but doesn’t stick to or schedule dates thus stringing you along while keeping his options open.


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  • Sounds like bullshit, can't guys just talk to someone once in a while as nice conversation. It's just your assumption that he's inrerested in you that way.

    • Why is it bullshit? Guys do it all the time, they
      Go on a date and don’t schedule a second date but message you daily. Or they suggest dates but don’t follow through but yet again, message daily.

    • Hun I don’t mean once in a while as friends

    • So you meet a kind girl and have a drink with her once, you talk with her a few times, such a nice FRIEND. Assuming more is your own fault.

  • Seems like a great way to not spend too much money on women.

  • 🙄🙄🙄


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