I met a great guy, but it's complicated?

I met this amazing guy through my best guy friends Snapchat story a couple of years ago and fast forward to now and we are kind of together but go to schools in different states and met for a few minutes at the outlet center where we work in our home state. There isn't a problem with him, but with his ex.

A few years ago when he and I were friends, he was dating this girl that I am friendly with who was, and I'm not exaggerating it by any lengths, batshit crazy. They ended in that timeframe because she cheated on him with three guys because "he didn't satisfy her sexually enough". They dated for I think four and a half years, and have broken up a couple of times since we were friends (not because of me, we were all mutual friends). The first time he did because she was acting crazy and threw soda at another friend of mine because she (crazy girl) thought the other girl was seeing him when I hooked her up with a guy. They got back together at a homecoming after-party where this random football player tried to rape her (he broke the other guy's collar and nose). The last time they broke up was months later when he found out she was cheating the way she was.

Now for the actual reason for this post...
Since then, as of 6 months ago, she started dating this guy and they've been head over heels for each other and very public. The guy I'm kind of with but not officially (because I want to wait until our long winter break to make it that way) and I are better than ever and absolutely happy. I am just worried about us coming out as a couple, or just the fact that she might lose her ever-loving mind on the two of us, even if she is with someone. I don't want to block her from all of my social media ( even though I should anyway) because it'll look even worse on my part. I'm probably being paranoid but I would like to know what I should possibly do about all of this because even talking to him about her makes him really upset.


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  • Talk to him about this! It is as much an issue for you as it is for him, discuss your options, at the end of the day it is ideal you two agree no matter what she does it is the Wisest idea to block her as much as possible on all platforms and move on. From the sounds of things she will try her luck as fucking things up but as such is life

    Also, him being emotional when she is brought up in conversation is something you two need to talk about, the reasons need to be addressed early on in the relationship so it does not grow into a bigger issue later on

    • Thank you for the kind advice! I will make sure that I talk to him about it, the last time we had a talk about her he was emotional/upset because he didn't think that she worried me :)

    • Your welcome, getting upset is often a way people avoid discussing their true feelings/emotions
      It is important, for both of you and especially as you two invest more time in each other, that you can both agree that girl is a nuisance and you both want her out of your life, what I'm saying is make sure he has no feelings for her what so ever

      This is tough, but if he does, for some reason, you need to make a tough decision. It is best you leave him as there is no guarantee he won't continue to have feelings for her if he does now, however your heart will want to stay given the connection and emotions

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  • It's actually very simple. Either two people want the same thing or not.

  • All the math theories are great and complicated. That is why there are hookers who are not


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