Why won't women on dating apps accept average guys?

I have been told that, Im not ugly so what gives? It makes absolutely no sense, does every girl on there just think, Im ugly or is it because their standards are too high? Why won't women on these apps accept average guys?


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  • I don't know because they like sleep more than most people lmfao not true


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  • Because you're competing against thousands of men and unlike men on these dating sites, women are much more selective.

    It's the 80/20 rule.


    80% of the women go for the top 20% of guys and these top 20% have all these women to choose from and most likely play them all. Meanwhile the remaining 80% of guys are left with a few girls liking them.

    Now this isn't always the case, but it explains why your frustrations.

    • And to top it off and make things worse, over half of those 20% of women are fakes, their not even real women, just scam bots with real women's photos placed to attempt to trick you out of personal information or your bank card number.

      Seriously us average guys have a better chance in a bar.

    • @vjedi Yeah, that's true.

      Definitely agree that it's better off in a bar. In a bar it's more about being confident and being a fun person to be around, not about having douchy photos that allow her to make a flawed 1 second judgement about your entire self worth.

    • So according to women, Im meh, Hmmm, or Light off.

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  • Because girls that go on dating sites get too many messages for one. Then they also have the opportunity to just scroll through a bunch of pictures without actually knowing someone - so it ends up becoming all about apperance

  • If you're average you won't stick out and grab other's attention.

  • You’re very fussed. Girl play games anyway.

    • No it just seems that no matter what, I do people won't accept me because, Im different.

    • I dont have any friends or fit in and girls dont like me :(

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