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I'm at hot yoga every single day, I love it. I'm not there to pick up girls, really. But I am a single guy that these beautiful girls stare at me because I'm the only guy ever there, which I don't mind. Do I ever hot on any of these girls if I think she's wanting me to? Or do I just ignore them all and stay focused on hot yoga at I don't ever lose my "safe/nice token guy" card and be seen as a creep. That's the last thing is ever ever ever want. Hot yoga has been amazing to me and my life, not wanting to ever jeopardize that. I do want to be married with kids in the near future. I've been on a million dating apps and those girls just never work out.


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  • I don’t think you’ll lose your card if you only try to approach one really special girl there! If you’ve gone there for a while with them, I’m sure they’re pretty comfortable with you and wouldn’t mind. As long as you keep it to one girl and are really sweet, you should be fine.


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