Girls, Is it okay that, I feel like it isn't socially acceptable for girls to like me?


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  • Why isn’t it socially acceptable for girls to like you? Do you have legitimate reasons?

    • Im socially awkward, I dont fit in, Im odd, people think, Im stupid and, I think the girls that do know me think, Im ugly.

    • Maybe you’re the only one that thinks that. I’ve though the same in regards to myself but I realized with the help of friends that it wasn’t true.

      Everyone is odd and awkward to an extent, therefore your first three points make you normal. Your reasoning that people think you are stupid and ugly is false. How do you know what people think? You don’t.

      I think that the main issue here is that you don’t like yourself very much and feel that you aren’t like able because you are a perfectionist and nothing you do will seem good enough.

      Ask yourself this:
      Do I talk bad about myself in my head?
      Am I my own best friend or am I more like an enemy to myself?
      Do I get mad at myself easily but never other people?

      If you answered yes and enemy, than you NEED to change your though process.

    • Those three things are true

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