Why does he message me then not respond?

I been on one date with this guy, he messages me stuff like how’s your day but when I respond he doesn’t continue with conversation. We were supposed to meet again today and he messaged late saying he just woke up so I responded saying it was a lovely day & shame he missed it. Few hours later he asked how my day was but didn’t respond to my reply.


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  • Sounds like you need to just move on. If he was into you (especially right after the first date) he would respond right away. Or at least have a decent excuse as to why he didn't. Seems like a waste of your time to me... Good luck

    • I agree. Should I say anything or just ignore him next time?

    • Depends if he has a valid excuse.. If it seems like Bullshit forget about him and on to the next. Ain't no body got time for that!

    • Well he hasn’t given any excuse he just text late afternoon saying ‘just woke up’ then later on ‘how was your day’ and I responded because I thought he would maybe be like sorry I didn’t make it but he didn’t even reply at all.

  • Uh personally I don't think you should waste your time if that all he had to say after bailing on you

  • Do you like him? if you do, ask why he never responds. If you don't like him that much, dont waste your time, drop him.

    • Yeh I like him or I wouldn’t be here asking the question

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