Am I being to worried for nothing?

Okay, so this guy and I Met up. And he's a country kid, a gentleman, paid for my dinner, held the door open. Just down to earth guy, and was shy. But his Snapchat points keep going up, and he snaps me often but not that much. And he set up another date he initiated it. He says he's looking for a solid relationship. Should I be worried about it? And he messages me every day asking how I am, and what I have planned. Always keeps the conversation going.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I wouldn't be worried. It sounds like he is truly interested and invested in you. He could be Snapchatting anybody. I actually Snap my mom almost as much as my girlfriend as it is her preferred method of communication lol. So I wouldn't worry, just have faith in him and continue having open communication with him.

  • If he's putting in the effort to ask how you're doing and keeping the conversation going you shouldn't worry he's probably snapchatting stupid shit to his bros lol


What Girls Said 1

  • He's making an effort for that solid relationship to happen, and hopefully with you.

    You shouldn't worry, since he planned on having a second date. If he doesn't message you often, and didn't plan on seeing you again, then I'd be concerned. Did the first date go wrong or is he no longer interested? This second date means he's still interested in you, and him messaging you everyday means the same thing. Don't worry.


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