Good Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend/ his family?

I know it ain't December yet but I need start having some idea before I'm rushing around by Christmas comes.
i thought of making "hot chcolate " candle for like his family cos they have a table with candle and do light them on.
For my boyfriend... I have no clue, everytime I ask him what he wants he says "nothing"
as for guys out there, what would u like to receive? (I alrd did gaming related for his bday I want to switch it up)
as for girl, what did you give ur S. O?
Help meeeeeee


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  • I would say it entirely depends on your boyfriend and his personality. For example, my girlfriend made me a series of notecards to open on different occasions (when I miss her, can't sleep, want to hear a story, etc) for Christmas last year and it meant the world to me. I asked her if she would make me more for this Christmas. However, even if your boyfriend isn't the sentimental type, you can still focus on what is important to him. Get him something, or do something with him, that has to do with what he enjoys, but at the same time will remind him of you. I'm also a major nerd and love playing League of Legends and some other online video games. Just my girlfriend being willing to learn, and playing with me, meant a lot. Also, now she is able to understand and act interested when I go rambling on about something I was excited about in my game. So, my biggest piece of advice would be to focus on what's important to him and find a way to involve yourself. Hope that helps. Good luck!

    • aw she's so sweet.
      OMG HE PLAYS LOL too. literally 3 hr+ just sitting in front of that damn computer. ahah.
      like his bday i gave him a handmade craft skyrim related maybe Christmas smth not hand crafted cos like seem really low budget.
      ehhhh I don't know
      but thanks anyway, i hope ur girlfriend gives you more notecards :))

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    • He sounds like a good guy. I guess it would depend on what it is. Like with the notecards I would always love more, but if she like just kept giving me handmade bracelets or something it would get kind of old. I think a mixture is good. You could always make something handmade and get him a little something else that you bought. And if you are feeling cheap then it's totally okay for you to get him something storebought if it will make you feel better. I'm sure he won't mind.

    • okay thank you

  • Buy him something like a drone or something but before that give him a photo album full of stuff you have done with him and tell him you expect it to be full by next Christmas


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