How am I supposed to date now that I've finished high school?

So I'm officially finished high school on December 20th (thank god) and I can focus on work and my collection. I'm still looking to see where I wanna go to college so that means I won't really be able to start until the summer. But I still really want a relationship (I'm the hopeless romantic type). I have no idea where to find single girls that wanna be approached and I don't think online dating is a good idea (I still can't drive and I live with my mom.. who is very nosy) I also have like zero friends outside of school. Should I go for tinder or something? ThanksHow am I supposed to date now that I've finished high school??


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  • There's really no easy, simple answer, but you have to get out of your comfort zone and spend time in public places where you'll have a chance to naturally interact with girls.
    See if there are any local clubs in your town that you might enjoy. Get a ride to a local hangout and just enjoy yourself and you'll attract someone.
    In my experience Tinder isn't very effective. It's better to meet someone in person first and make a good impression by having fun in front of them. You just need to find somewhere with other 18 year olds near you.


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