Deep regret over missing out on teen love?

Although I would have taken the chance, at 20 years I now experience great remorse over the fact that I never had a relationship during my teen years. It's an existential pain of sorts, knowing that I'll never be that age again, and that love still hasn't appeared on the horizon for me. It's an experience and a memory that is forever lost.

Is there any way to stop the pain of lost years? Does anyone else feel the same way?


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  • I had 1 relationship in teen years. It only showed how naive it was bt i guess it did help me get over stuff now a day that I've gotten used to


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  • I was in that very same boat. There is a way to stop the pain. Start dating. Stop fearing rejection and just go for it. You are still very young it's definitely not too late to experience young love. Also if you're having trouble with girls YouTube answers all.


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