How to let a guy know I'm interested in him?

So new to this, I'm bad at this dating world lol. I like this guy, and we are gonna go out on a second date. How can I let him know I'm interested in him? Should I wait? Or I don't know lol


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  • Talking is always a good way. Either tell him directly, or maybe ask him for a third date right during the second one. Basically anything that expresses your interest in him. Just be careful with being too vague, since guy can be a bit stupid in that regard (and yes, I'm talking from experience)

  • If you're going out on a second date then he already knows you are into him and he's into you and you don't need to say anything besides the normal conversations you're already having... or possibly he just wants sex from you. But anyway the point is you both already know so there's nothing to say


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  • You could verbally tell him

    • Will that make him less interested in me? Since he didn't do the chase?

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    • All about the delivery**
      I hate typing

    • I just realized you are going on date 2 so that approach may not be as selling.
      I still think you can tell him that you think he's cute, but maybe talk a out how comfortable and safe he makes you feel. Guys naturally want to become a girls protector and that's a real ego nudge right there

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