What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had on a date?


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  • We were dating at a very good restaurant but on 6 seater table. After some time we were asked of we could adjust with two more people sitting on the other end. We were ok with it until we came to know that the couple who cane were my ex and her ex on their first date. We all four had the weirdest, and the most awkward date ever.


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  • So this guy I met online wanted me to go to his church service before we went out as he played in the church band. I thought a church going man. How could this go wrong. I get there and as I'm listening to the message the pastor is walking around as he's talking. I see him and other church goers bring a big snake out and they start chanting in tongues and acting scary crazy. He then come over to me with this snake as the people are surrounding me talking in tongues. He's asking me to feel the spirit of our Lord. I'm so freaked out I close my eyes and pretend to go along with it. They might kill me if I don't is what went through my mind. Lol! Finally it ends and I head straight to the parking lot trying to leave including my date. But he runs out to me and apologizes if it was too much and said he'd like me to go to chuck E. Cheese where him and other church members are meeting. So I said yes and drive there. I walk in and see him at a table with some kids and a woman. So I walk to the table and say hi. He stands up and introduces me. He says these are my kids and this is my wife.๐ŸคคI'm look at him , turn around and walked out. He came chasing after me. I'm like this is suppose to be a date. He apologizes again and felt it was a good way to get me to join his church. I told him to fuck off and stop fucking with people like that.๐Ÿ–•โœŒ


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  • I don't date because I am asexaul but this was my most embarrassing experience.

    - sitting alone curling 100lb dumbbells and reading signed edition of ripptoe's starting strength
    - cute cardio bunny approaches me
    - start trembling with fear
    - "Hey! You're doing Ripptoe's? Is it any good?"
    - "I-I think you'll find Ripptoe's transcends the normative compound-isolation dichotomy, actually," I reply
    - she says she doesn't understand
    - I snort with laughter
    - protein shake spurts out of my nostrils, along with a single strand of spaghetti
    - panicking, I quickly pull my mossimo v-neck to my nose and blow
    - more spaghetti falls out
    - I try to catch it all in my fedora, but it quickly overflows
    - the girl is staring at me in horror
    - I stand up, knocking the bench over, and sprint towards the door
    - trip on a string of spaghetti that was dangling from my nose
    - as I crash to the floor a wet bubble of bolognese sauce escapes from my ass
    - I attempt to stand up but slip on a meatball that had rolled out of my trouser leg
    - everyone is laughing hysterically
    - I try to apologize but my mouth is full of spaghetti
    - start vomiting uncontrollably
    - the spaghetti wraps itself around my neck
    - I can't breathe
    - I beg for help but no-one can hear me over their laughter
    - everything goes black

  • I took her out on a first date to get coffee. She then proceeds to ask a bunch of really weird and personal questions. When asked about herself it was all obvious lies and made up stories, she'd also constantly touch my hands and fondle them (keep in mind first date so its weird). I chalked it all up to nerves and her trying to impress me or sonething buuuut ohh no it gets weirder. As i was taking her home she asked if i could take her back to my house because she wanted to see my dogs and i being the idiot agreed. Well fast forward to two hours later and she's still running around my yard with my dogs completely ignoring me. I tell her its getting late and she should probably get home. So i take her back to her place and am about to leave shen she asks if i was going to come in. I agree cuz you know... sex. Well turns out she just wanted me to help her do house work. I left and eventually had to change my phone number because she became obsessed with me and "couldnt live without me". Scary stuff mate... scary stuff

  • I had been on a few dates with a girl, and she invited me to a club one night. I went to the club with her and then she told me that that was her first night at her new job. Turned out she had decided to become a stripper, and so my whole night consisted of watching her grind a bunch of old dudes in a strip club.

  • I have never been on one and likely never will because its not socially acceptable for girls to like me.

    • Whyโ€™s that?

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    • No , you will find someone before that. I hope you do

    • Not with that attitude

  • I was on a date and we went to dinner and then went to the opera. We were dressed top notch.

    Then my stomach started to hurt after a hour of being there. It came on so fast. I tryied to make ot to the restroom. As I was running I could not hold it. I STARTED to shit myself.

    What a mess. Rented tux ruined. I went to the payphone (you know the things before cellphones) to call a buddy to get me out of this spot. No one answers. I was forced to leave. I had to leave a note with the usher to give to my date. I had to take a cab home smelling like shit.

    Sure I cleaned up best I could. But tux was soak from washing it out in the sink and then forced to put back on.

    What a bad day that was.

    • That was a shity day lol. I love pay phones wish they still had them

  • Well, it wasn't a really bad experience but weird, we had a coffee a normal day and watch the sunset, she was always very rough with me like not really being shy around me and while walking around the beach she suddenly run away to her home with just a "Bye" xD
    It's not bad but really weird...

  • Between sarcastically/rudely saying "hilarious..." As I'm telling a story, having to leave everywhere a minute before me "because I don't know just I'll be outside okay?", never doing any form of contact in public (only holding hands if people aren't around), and Ofcourse, the rudest, literally NEVER looking in the eyes, always starting at anything other then me. Haha.

    All one girl funny enough ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • summer 2016. Friday before July 4. Had a phone convo with a woman from okcupid.
    She showed up to the marina where I live already drunk. She shunned completely different in person, take the worst parts of the new York and New Jersey accents and put them together.
    We went up to the hot tub where all my friends were. She wanted to get in. One girl told her to get in her underwear. One of the guys who works there suggested she take everything off. Which she did, in front of a dozen or so strangers. Dudes wife kept giving him dirty looks. She had a gigantic 70s bush floating at the surface of the tub like a sargasso island.
    The poor lifeguard was some teenage kid who had no idea how to handle the situation, he looked terrified of this crazed 30 something naked lady. People start scattering, my friends wife and I get her in a couple towels.
    We go inside and she wants to fool around. She tells me the only way she can get off is to masturbate while watching sometime else get themselves off while watching porn.
    After we're done messing around, her phone rings and she answers it. She proceeds to sit there naked in my boat having a convo with another guy from okcupid.
    I drive her back to where she's staying (She's in process of moving) and we fool around some more. Then she starts telling me about all the money her family spent putting her in and out of rehab, she's a full blown alcoholic.
    The whole night every other sentence is "I'm sorry, it's because I'm so liberal. " I woke up and bailed. I felt bad about ghosting, but it would be extremely unhealthy for her to be around my friends and I. She made me famous overnight, neighbors and staff still talk about that night to this day.

    • Omg... that poor boy

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    • That boy got more then what was in the job description lol

    • He really did lol.
      I still can't believe she wad on the phone with another guy moments after sleeping with me. Who does that?

  • Non lady like actions gets me every time just not attractive at all. I'm so ready to have a normal women in my life and has the same needs as me I. I'm so new to this I need help thought it was a meet and dating site please help me out and thank you so much for the one who does ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • EASY! There are three but this one out ranks the other two. I was with a woman who said 2 words, hi and bye. That's it. I tried and after an hour I dropped her off at home. That's it and if I knew more I'd tell. When I picked her up, hi. Dropped her off, bye. I haven't a clue?

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  • Ugh too many... lol no more online dating for me

  • I went on a date with a guy who was a family friends son, and we went to dinner and a movie. He picked the movie before telling me, and I ended up paying for that as well as the snacks (which was a bottle of sweet tea and two boxes of candy for me and a Star Wars bucket of popcorn and a super soda for him), which I didn't really complain about. He ended up constantly leaving to go to the bathroom and texting/checking social media on his phone throughout the movie while reading its ratings.

    When it came to dinner, we went to this Italian restaurant that my little hometown has that I absolutely loooove. He was criticising the movie, asking why I wasn't into it, and whatnot. After ordering, he pulled out his phone and started playing Clash of Clans. When the food came, his friends showed up and sat in the booth and tried eating both of our food. I got up and asked the waitress to box my food up (she felt bad and ended up giving me a whole new plate to box up with a dessert and a coupon for a bottle of wine) and just left. I haven't heard from him since.

  • A guy would not stop talking the entire date, never about anything but himself -- either complaints of past loves or "cool" drumline stories. And, when I try to laugh and say something to encourage one of his stories, he shooshes me! I pushed it to the back of my mind and agreed to a second date, but he ended up constantly pressuring me for sex AND SHOOSHING ME A SECOND TIME ONLY AFTER I SAID "REALLY?" So glad I escaped from that and found someone else!

  • I know I've told this several times but this was my worst date EVER. I was 18-19 i think.
    We didn't make it to our date.
    Dude kept stopping at gas stations- the first one I thought no big deal, figured he had to pee.
    The second gas station, I thought WTF but there was a stomach virus going around so I figured he didn't feel good but didn't want to cancel our plans.
    By the third gas station I was getting worried- dude was in there for a long time. Didn't know if he was robbing the place or what. I went in to buy some gum but didn't see him so I assumed he was in the bathroom.
    He came back to the car, I asked him if he was ok, he said yea he's fine he wanted to go out so off we went.
    We were talking about which movie we were gonna watch when dude all of a sudden pulled over in front of a house, broke his neck getting out of the car and started puking.
    I was shocked, he finally confessed that he had been drinking and took too many pills! I never knew- he didn't smell like alcohol and he didn't look pilled up.
    I got extremely pissed- how dare he get fucked up then drive me around.
    I left him puking and walked to the nearest store, called my friend to come get me. She did and we drove by where I had left him and there he was still puking with the cops pulling up.
    I saw him the next day at my work and he didn't even look at me. The girls I worked with didn't ask how the date went either! I guess they already knew!

  • Him sexually assaulting me after saying goodbye at his car. Literally pinned me down, groped my breasts and my privates. I froze, only managed to push him off after a few minutes. Then he said: "see, you just need a horny dude to show you what you really want", cause we'd talked about how I REALLY don't like people just initiating sexual anything without talking about it first cause of a history with sexual violence.

  • One I decide I was going to meet up with this guy when it came to meet him outside the venue he was first fighting with another guy and when he saw me get got inside my car and started to scream at me โ€œdrive, driveโ€ omg I swear I was terrified I told him he had to get out or I would call the police and he slammed my car door all angry at me.

  • It was my first date and we went out to eat and went for a walk and I had my first kiss. Just a nice little peck and I was super happy about it over the moon and he said it wasn't good enough. So he started making out with me and it was awkward and kinda unwanted but I didn't say anything so not his problem... and he was a really bad kisser

    • oh and on that date he also said all homosexuals, disabled people, and anyone not contributing to society should be lined up a shot... Needless to say I broke up with him shortly after.

  • We did go grap dinner and he was constantly talking over me, never let me finish a sentence then he start talking over my body that I should gain weight and then the fucked up thing he ordered for me (never do that guys) a steak raw (I hate raw meat) Never again!

  • I went on a date with this guy, we had a drink and then went and sat on the sand at the beach. With no warning, he literally grabbed my head and shoved his tongue down my throat. Didn't stay, nor did I see him again. I was legit shell shocked.

  • I was on a date with this girl she was texting the whole time on her cellphone I asked if she gonna be texting all night. She says no but continue to text so before even time to order I ended Are date and walked out.

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