I want to start dating again, but trying to meet girls is so frustrating and generally unsuccessful. What the hell should I do?

So I've been single for a bit and trying to date again, but thus far I've had virtually no success. Girls I try to go out with just blow me off over and over until I give up on asking (which, fucking rude, if you're a girl please stop this shit). I know I'm decently attractive and funny, but evidently none of that helps. Hell I'd even settle for hookups at this point, but I've never done that and have no idea how to orchestrate it.
I want to give up on trying, but it feels too pathetic and emasculating being the guy who is perpetually single and never getting any. And yet trying to ask girls out is just wrecking my confidence too.
What should a guy do in a rut like this?
I have used tinder a lot. Had some success on it in the past, now I apparently suck at it because it does nothing for me.
Nothing reminds you of your place like going long periods with no matches, maybe one (who of course never responds to a message anyways).


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  • I'd say dating apps but honestly dont get tinder lol a lot of girls apparently use it just to get self esteem boost... like she'll match with you and when the guy chats her she never replies
    If you're Asian you should try this thing called eastmeeteast. com
    Although it's only free for girls.. I met my current boyfriend on that site

    • I'm Asian. So boys have to pay for this site?

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    • More like average nerd look😫😫😫. My bio isn't so bad I think.

    • Honestly I'm good looking, but have no good photos, and no ability to take good photos. And no decent photos of me doing anything fun because why the hell would I be taking selfies or some shit at the time, and when dudes hang out we don't take pictures.
      Weirdly I used to get a decent number of matches, but using the same pictures I'm using now and I get shitall.

  • You're younger than 25. How is that single for a long time. Nothing emasculating about being single. What else do you have going on in life? Maybe, and please don't take offence cos I'm not trying to be rude, it's just kinda boring right now? Some girls do pick up on that and it's a turn off. Try to find something you're really passionate about and talk about it with a glint in your eyes. I've talked to some guys who have really boring hobbies, bt they talked about it with so much passion that I found them attractive.


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