Struggling to find a girl to take out?

Social media, dating sites don't work for me. I'm usually good at sparking conversation but they girl won't want to know me after a week (that's what it feels like) I'm not a dick to anyone and even my friends don't understand why. How can I properly get talking to a girl who will stay talking to me after a week? I feel like I can't get anywhere with this atm. Proof I'm not a dick: Longest relationship is 2 years


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  • Look everyone has a different Perception. Probably what the girl wants or needs is not u. I get that it may be disheartening to not be able to keep them interested but there always are girls who just might be interested in u. I won't tell U to change urself but probably ask the girl more about herself and be a bit mysterious/vague about yourself and that might just be what U need to keep her interested

    • I guess i don't really ask questions about a new girl to get her feeling more open and connected. That could be the issue right? Appreciate the comment

    • Yeah because like if I m the me U r talking to and I already know everything about U and U don't know much about me that could show U as a very self involved person who puts themselves first everytime

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  • Have you tried getting any friends or someone to hook you up with a chick

    • Yeah, tried both. Even someone who my sister works with. Nobody seems interested. I literally have no idea what it is

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