What will he do?

I've been talking to this guy and we agreed to hang out next week. I think we're going to go to his house. I'm kind of nervous because I don't know if he will try to make a move and initiate sex. What does everyone else think?

We have just talked online . . . but I know for sure he's really who he is. He's a friend of a friend.


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  • what ever you do only go if you feel safe, if you don't really know him meet in a neutral place, where there is lots of people around and don't let him do anything you don't want him to do

  • You seriously expect an answer when you've given almost no information? We don't know if you've ever met this guy before, if you're just talking online, if you've hung out with friends together etc.

    • Yeah, if you provide that info it would definitely help. and I wanna know what people answer because I'm in the same situation! I have hung out with him before though.