Was this girl just acting friendly toward me or did she have feelings toward me? If so, in what level?

Gave me her phone number and asked for my Facebook
Smiled, laughed and told me I looked good and that I was funny
Told me she missed me
Told me she trusted me
Told me i can take her to dinner anytime
Wanted to go drinking with me.
Told me to tell her boss were dating
Grab my hands on the last of work and told me she will be in touch
Speak on the phone 2 hours from 10am-12 midnight and told me to text her the next morning.
Text 6 hours a day and send me smiley and winky faces
Hugged me for 1 minute and told me she will be with me forever
Even those she was acting like this, she would flake on me on a constant basis and told me not to tell anyone how she reacted to me. We never met outside of work so I decided to make an appointment to meet her at a restaurant at night but she cancelled the appt because of the weather so she told me she will make another appt next week. The girl ended not rescheduling the appt and told me she needed to go to party with a on and off again boyfriend so I asked her not to lead me on so she ended telling me the party was canceled and she wanted to speak to me on the phone.
After canceling on me several times to speak to me on the phone, I stopped contacting her. She eventually told me she was really sorry and she told me I can contact her anytime and she wanted to meet at a restaurant and drink and explain in person asking not to end the friendship but I ended her giving her 3 hour rant of breaking promises and ended the relationship.


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  • Sounds like she was just using you as a backup boyfriend. And keeping you in the friendzone just incase. Three hour rant was probably a bit much but ending the friendship was probably for the best.

    • Thanks for the response.
      I didn't mind being friends with her but she canceled on me several times 1 hour before and stood me up.

  • She seems interested in you but she has someone and not ready for a change / bored of her current relationships and looking for an excitement on the side.

    • If she wanted to keep me on the side, why did she flake on me multiple times and wanted to meet up when I wanted to move on.

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    • Why is she playing with me?
      What is the point of that?
      She actually said she wanted to be with me forever and even agreed to meet me to go out to drink and then she canceled in the last hour.

    • When a person says things like: "I wanna be with you forever", he just stays with the person forever and makes free time to meet. But if actions and words don't match then it is a game. In your case, as someone said here, she probably needs a backup plan, that's why she keeps you close. Or she is just bored, can be many reasons really.

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