How to date a confident girl?

I find myself sometimes dating a girl who is confident. She knows what she wants, has goals, is fit, working on her career, has a business going, has her life together. I'm not sure how to act around these girls, I don't have life figured out yet, I'm a bit insecure about myself compared to them, still working on myself... What to do?



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  • Hmm, I've never dated anyone before yet, but if I was dating a confident guy it would be hard for me too. I am also insecure. So what I would do, it I would try to be self confident. No one ever said you need to have your life figured out in order to be confident! Let her do her, you do you! If your girlfriend has everything figured out, good for her! You will get everything figured out eventually as well! Don't worry! Right now, you still have aspects of your life you can be proud of! Be proud of yourself. If you need more advice, feel free to ask! Have a great day!


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  • Still working on yourself and count your steps to get there. And about the girl, if she likes you back, it will be bigger than this situational problem. Tell her about your dreams and what you are doing to get there. And also encourage her in her projects. Listen more than you speak and you will be fine.


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  • As someone who is considered confident, I would tell you that you should just be yourself. Don't compare yourself to anyone else and just think of how to grow.

    • But you won't find it unattractive that a guy is a bit lost in life, and isn't sure of his passions/career when you are?

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    • We're getting married baby :* I have to keep my man happy ^_^

    • Yayyy 😉

  • If you're worried about it then you should focus on yourself first. Figure out your own insecurity issues and when you get it sorted out, THEN try dating.

    • Yeah, but that will take a long time and I am lonely...

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