How can I make him smile when he has bad feeling towards me?

So I went out with this guy a couple times. And the last time I wasn't myself. I was overthinking (he even told me) insecure and quiet. We spoke afterwards but when he didn't call me back I went kinda nuts. But in the needy desperate kinda way. Of course I got ignored. It's been about a month since I last tried to contact and I want to apologise for what happened/say I know I was nuts but I don't want him to just think argh go away. Is there a way I can make him smile? What to say? I get if he doesn't want to reconsile but I want to have no regrets. Guys what would work for you? If anything?


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  • First, give him some time and space. I know it's hard. And then, I think you shouldn't apologize. Just be normal when you see him again. Don't go after him. Don't provoke. Let it happen. And... if he asks you about it you say that it was a medication that mixed with your hormonal and alternate your behavior. Put you change you medication. Believe. It's better than apologize.

  • Don't think about making him smile - then you're overanalyzing. And it might be past the moment for comedy. Just straight up text him apologising, explaining, admitting you had a moment.. and saying you'd at least like to remain friends/on friendly terms. If he liked you, felt a spark, isn't the overly judgemental/avoidy type he'll be cool with it. If not he just won't reply and you'll be more cool-headed next time.

    The right guy will think it's cool when you straight up admit your wrongdoing, faults, explain and apologise. They'll see the vulnerable/fault side and forgive/respect. The wrong will simply ignore. Least you'll have no regrets!


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  • Apologize for losing your shit and move on. And for fuck sake don't ever act that desperate again.


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