Is he just being friendly?

We always do this thing. Talk flirt text then fall off to some kind of fault of me thinking he’s trying to make a sexual move too soon or just simply not being interested. I️ texted him recently and to be fair I️ was the one to usually blow him off, but now I️ asked to hang out and he gladly said yes, but also has randomly flirted with me over the course of the time I’ve been single. I️ recently said I️ needed him to help me make some friends and he said ok, then wanted to hang out with me one on one but the thing is what we’re going out to do is something not most people enjoy as a matter of fact it’s one of my interests and he said he wants to go with me. Is he just being friendly?


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  • Hell no... he wants to fuck u

    • Just have sex?

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    • I️ think the intentions talk is too soon, when should I️ wait to say something

    • Just clear things talk straight forward... by the way if u need frnd than am always here u can pin me whenever u want frnd.

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  • He a fuckboi who wants to get laid


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