Should I Give Dating My Friend A Try?

I'm 16 and she is 17.

Probably my best friend of all time is a girl who I hung out with all the time at primary school, but when we left I didn't speak to her again until January this year, when she confessed to having a crush on me from Year 6 all the way until Year 11 (how she could like me in that way as an 11 year old is beyond me!). Anyway, I rejected her because not only do I just not like her in that way that much but I was going through some heartbreak (unrequited love, not a breakup).

All these months later and I still haven't had any luck getting a girlfriend, and neither has she (boyfriend hahaha). We're both really socially awkward and I know we're gonna be single for ages; neither of us have even had out first kiss yet. I feel like I'm kind of missing an opportunity here - what if I did date her and found I did like her in that way; I mean, we have loads of similar interests, have fun as friends and she's different to how she was in primary school (I based my decision to reject on what I had seen of her then, but you know, she did that with me too).

I feel bad if I did ask her though cause to reject someone and then change your mind and I feel kinda wrong dating someone I'm not interested in like that and if I wanted to break up with her I know she'd be so upset (she has depression or anxiety or something and she's quite sensitive).


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  • Yes.
    Go for it, especially if you like her and have a strong connection and understand each other.
    Just don't hurt her feelings or make her feel worse concidering she has depression/ anxiety.
    Just treat her right in all ways that are good.

  • You definitely should give it a try. She seems like a lovely lady. Also what things do you like about her physically and mentally what do you like about her?

    • As I said, we have common interests, she's very kind and always willing to talk and unlike others she never gets annoyed with me or seems disinterested in what I'm saying, even when it's trivial bulls**t hahaha. Physically, she's not stunningly beautiful or anything but still attractive; I like her hair and eyes.

    • That's awesome. Well you also have to consider that she likes you a lot. She probably wants to see how you two will be in a relationship.

  • Yes, the next logical step


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