Are these texts a sign that she isn't interested?

So I've been out with her like 2 times before. Only once on a real "getting to know you" date (out last). I send her this (usually i say "lets go to ____", instead of asking like i did here):

Me: "hey wanna go to the botanical gardens?"
Her: "hey sorry i have to write a research paper today" --- received after 1.5 hours
Me: "what days are you free" --- sent after 3 hours
Her: "idk i'm leaving in 2 days" --- received after 15 minutes

I texted her this on a Sunday, and thanks giving break took would take up the entire following week. Would she have scheduled a date 2 weeks out if she was interested? Or was this just bad timing and she didn't want to schedule that far out?


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  • If she was interested she would make time for you, it doesn't take 10 hours to write a research paper.

    • I texted her at like 1:00 PM that same day. We're in college, so its possible for it to take a good bit of time. I think if she had high interest, she would have made the time. Why do you think this was the outcome if she sought me out at the bar and gave me a hug? Do you think it being a busy week and it being a holiday is an excuse for her not wanting to reschedule now?

    • Oh college is a different story, sorry I didn't respond. Didn't even get a notification. She could definitely just be busy, keep trying :)

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