What really attracts girls? Is it looks that are more important or personality?

I find that if you have bad looks naturally, it's like impossible to talk to any girls..


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  • Well looks will bet a girls attention but personality keeps it. I try to look past looks so my time does not get wasted.

    • I mean, I'm normal looking guy, but when I speak with a girl or something, I get rejected right at the beginning :/

    • Might be what you say... most women I know usually give guys a chance.

    • nope, I mean I am normal looking lol.. definitely not ugly :D

Most Helpful Guy

  • Think of it this way...

    Looks will get her to notice you, personality will make her stay for you.
    Generally, the 2 are needed to get the girl.

    • you're definitely right..

      but I mean, I've flirted with a couple girls, but never really dated anyone.. I'm not good at talking with girls... how am I going to achieve this? :/

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    • Alright, so I ask more about her than myself.. great :D


    • Yep!
      Gets the conversation starting and shows your interest in her.

      Good luck.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Looks matter first, personality matters more.

    • first of all, you are beautiful :D

      secondly, I agree to what you say, but I don't know why but I have normal looks but it seems I don't get any chance by girls :/

    • Thank you :) Perhaps you come off as too shy or inconfident

    • I mean isn't it normal? I've never dated a girl yet lol
      It's not that I'm shy or something, though my face does turn red very quickly, but it's more that I fear that I'm gonna say something dumb or something :/

  • Depends on the girl. For me it's personality

  • Personality..


What Guys Said 1

  • Looks attract them, Personality keeps them


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