What does he doing?

Ok so I am during an exchange program in Europe for 6 months and I met a guy from an another country. The thing is that he just has casual sex with a girl. That girl is friends with my closest friend here and she's attached to him even though she doesn't admit it but he doesn't see it that way and he gives her more hopes. I hooked up with him once in a party while we were both a bit drunk and he told me he didn't regret it and that he wants to see me again. I don't want to lie, I like him and I want something to happen again and he gives me a lot of signs that he likes me like he texts me and when we are all together out he's always around me. I made it clear to him that I'm not an idiot and I want to keep a distance until he figures the things out.. But at the same time he also talks with her and they have sex. Like wtf?


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  • He is an asshole and want to have sex with you both. He makes it very clear. The question is... what do you want?

  • Reminds me of my total fuckboy friend. He must be texting few girls. Totally not trustworthy figure. Sorry for naiive friend.

    • At least I didn't get attatched to him. I feel sorry for the other girl. But propably I want sex with him.. ://

    • Nothing wrong wirh casual sex and fun alike when you're young. I might feel jelly of a guy smashing girls and getting away with it tho haha

  • Like you are just interesting for him for sex.

    Like that.

    He has things figured out.

    • Yes but I don't like the fact that he thinks Im his second option.. even just for sex.. maybe it's about my ego.

    • Nobody likes that. And nobody with an inch of self-respect should. Don't lwt him use you as a self-propelled pussy.

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