So I need some confidence boost. . . Sort of?

so there is a girl that travels to a different school than me but in the same city with the same bus, and i got feelings for her, not like sexual or attractive of clothings etc etc, but more like the deep deep inner "she is the one"

id really like to make her my princess and give her all of my affection but there is a problem!

I've been low on confidence which resulted in me avoiding ANY contact with her (i talk with EVERY girl hot/not doesn't matter, i just can't approach this one because i like her so much)
And i think she likes me and i think i have no chance with her
she isn't a top model, she is a quiet cute girl that sometimes talks with a guy on a phone
( i hope not boyfriend ) and has straight A's

as i said i get attracted like this once in a year and when it happens, the other girls makes eye contact with me and stuff

Do i have a chance with her?
Like with looks/style?
Note that low on confidence and i wouldn't like bad comments here
So i need some confidence boost . . . Sort of?


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  • If you believe you have a chance with her, you have a chance with her. You're stopping yourself before you even get started by thinking anything less. Boost your confidence by accepting yourself for who you are. The most attractive thing about someone is confidence. You have it, it's just buried under that self-doubt. Stand in front of the mirror every day and tell yourself that you're awesome, because you are. :) You're a handsome guy and sound like you have a great personality. You've said in a comment that you have no experience with girls. Well, you will never have experience if you don't try! Just pump yourself up and say hi! You don't have to marry her on the first day. ;)

    • il see her on the bus stop in less than 2 hours, im in school now wish me luck !
      (i doubt il do anything but maybe god slaps me in the face and makes me do it)

    • Good luck! You can do it! :)

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  • Just go and talk to her bro, if not now then when will u talk to her? When some other guy enters her life? ... remember now or never... go and talk to her...

    Don't be like u have feelings for her
    1st friendship then know about her and then tell her how u feel about her.
    That's how u do it

    All the best bro.


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  • Well if you talk to her your chance is way bigger
    It's worthy the try

    • Obviously, not like she is gonna get stunned and jump in my lap without me approaching first

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    • shut up, i won't tell you million times to talk to her, just do it fullstop

    • oh how would you like me to do that to her IF I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE or experience with girls?

  • Go for it! If your nice, and you really like her, she will like you back. She sounds nice enough to at least consider it.

  • Your really cute i think you should go for it😊

  • nope

  • Just try. Maybe wear contacts for a day?


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