I like my long-time friend, but I don't know if he likes me?

I've been close friends with this guy for several years and I worry that if I tell him I like him and he doesn't share the same feelings it could ruin our friendship.

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

If so, what did you do?


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  • I've been in a situation likr this when i was 14, she shat on my face called me gay and our friendship ended. now i am in the friwndzone once again in middle school, im 17, and i won't risk ruining it, because i enjoy the friwndship

    • I hear ya. And middle/high school just makes it all worse. Hang in there. Those that put/keep you in the friend zone don't deserve you anyway. ;)

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    • Hardcore friend zone torture! I'm so sorry. Don't let her hold you back from finding your forever person. ;)

    • The last thing il do is put my hopes in that bitch and make her stop me from fibding love!
      I actually have problems approaching a girl, click at my profile and look at my questions

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  • I was in a situatuon like yours. I had a guy bestfriend which I had known him for years and I started to develop feelings for him at one point i thought i was in love but now that i think about it , it was mostly attachment as we talked every single day!!! Anyways I had watched many episodes of friendzone and always wondered if i should tell him. Long story short he is gay, I never told him as deep inside i knew it was a bad idea and im glad i listened to my gut instinct. I thought he was the one but i realised we would be better as friends rather than lovers. I think you should do what you FEEL is right. If you feel its right to tell him then do it if you feel it isn't then dont tell him. You only regret the the things you shoukd have done but didn't anyways whatever the result of it just remember if he is for you then itll be fine if he's not then a better one is coming!! Good luck
    Tip: just because he may act different because you are close doesn't mean a lot so dont get your hopes up at little things he may do as that can lead to a bigger heartbreak and disappointment.


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  • I haven't and it's a tough one,
    I'd say something, it may be your one chance of happiness


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  • I say let him know whats up. If he likes you back it could turn into a great relationship. & if he doesn’t it shouldn’t ruin your friendship, especially since you guys have been friends for several years.


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