Should I be worried if her ex is still trying to stay in the picture and liking most of her posts?

I've started seeing this stunning new girl, the attraction is mutual but she's kinda on fence, wanting to take it very slow. I noticed her ex boyfriend is still liking most of her pics (in a blink of an eye after she posts them) and keeping contact with her friends. She usually ignores his posts and doesn't even follow him on Instagram. They've broken up over a year ago and the guy is in a relationship with someone else, but clearly keeps tabs on her. Should I be worried?
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Why do you think her ex is doing that? Is he trying to get her back?
Could they still have somethig going on or could she still be interested in him?


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  • No, unless she starts to respond on any other way, even if that other way is annoyed. You are only "over" your ex, if, and only if, you can ignore him/her totally.
    That's me, I don't believe in friendship after ex. Or that would not be an "ex" in my book.

    • So you think she's probably over her ex but wants to just take it slow and get to know better first, and her ex is either not over her or trying to be friends?

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    • Thank you for the MHO!

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  • It doesn't matter what is motivating him. What is her motivation? Why hasn't she unfriended/blocked him on all of her social media?

    • I don't know, maybe she's trying to be civil? She's super polite and well behaved. And she doesn't follow him or like his pics, it's just him that follows her etc. Not sure why she's letting him do that. It doesn't seem like she's vague posting him or trying to make him jealous or anything and we talk almost every day and she starts the conversations like 40% of the time and makes plans with me. She seems genuinely interested, although a little wary, cautious, guarded sometimes, like she was a little scared maybe...

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    • No she doesn't but I don't know if there's any reason to be rude either. I haven't blocked my exes.. I simply don't care that they're there.

    • Blocking an ex on social media is not rude. It is simply an acknowledgement that your life will be easier if you do not have continuing contact with the person being blocked. As a general rule, no contact after a break up helps people to move forward quicker than of they have contact with the ex.

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  • Best advice I could give you is to stay away from people who have a messy relationship to their exes.

  • It seems like he has not given her up by now and maybe they had a bad breakup and he is still bitter or in disbelieve about it.

    • I know the dude trough my friends and from what I've understood they had a very bad breakup. But if I got it right he was the one that ended it, then tried to get her back and she said no.

  • I would worry


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