Has he moved on to another girl?

There’s this guy that I like he gives me mixed signals so I don’t know what he means. He would ask me to go to the movies but as a group of friends. He would offer to give me a ride and he always calls me pretty. The thing is that I didn’t really know him then and I didn’t like him I only saw him as a friend. We never ended up going to the movies and one day he just looked very mad. Completely ignored me and only said hi to my friends. I confronted him about this and we fixed up but I never found a reasonable motive for him being upset. He hasn’t talked to me the same since then but now I actually have feelings for him. He flirts with my friend now but I don’t know if he is purposely doing this or if he really likes her. Because she also liked him (before I did ) and me and my friends told him and he said he didn’t like her like that.


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  • He may just be shy about you, is all.


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