If a girl is excited that you texted them and tries to continue the conversation, does it mean she likes you or can it just be a friend thing?

I've been friends with this girl for 2 years. However we lost touch over summer break so I haven't seen or texted her since the summer began. We weren't exactly good friends tbh, we hung out together sometimes between classes (just once a month).
Anyways my recent text went like this (she also used emojis this time which she never did before):

Me: Hey long time no see
Her: Heyyyy yeah it's been awhile! How are you doing? :)
Me: I'm doing good hbu
Her: I've been great! Are your classes hard?
Me: Yeah but I've had worse semesters lol
Her: How was your thanksgiving?
Me: I went back to NYC wbu
Her: Oh how nice I just stayed at home and relaxed. :)

I didn't felt like replying back to that last text so I just ended it like that.
Also I guess I was the one who ghosted her because she sent the last text message. Obviously she wasn't going to double text.


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  • might also be just friendship... she's just being nice

    • yeah she sure is interested but you cannot tell if she just wants friendship or more

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