Why was my friends with benefits curious if I was seeing/sex with other guys?

When I said I didn't see or have sex with other guys I didn't respond when I asked why?
Typo *When I said I didn't see anyone or have sex with other guys he didn't respond when I asked why?


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  • It’s a territorial thing: just because it’s casual doesn’t mean that he’s cool with other guys fucking you.

  • Where you seeing other guys?

    • No haven't been seeing anyone

    • Lol, i was just teasing. Ignore the other guy too. Not only is he 56 and talking to people who coukd be his kids, his answer indicates he is a tool. The other dude is obviously jelouse, however I am not sure if it means he wants a relationship. In my experience with friends with benefits is the friend thing usually ends one way or another.

    • I don't get why he never said his reason for asking me and he changed the subject

  • He just wants all for himself


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