We had a first date and I didn't liked it very much. What should I do if he asks me out again?

I was on my first date with a guy I had known by Facebook. We met for the first time on a coffee shop yesterday and we spent about 3 hours talking about everything... Life, travelling, jobs, his family etc. He is a funny guy and he has a good appearance but it turns out we have completely opposite personalities (he likes going to clubs and drinking a lot while I'm a homebody and I'm not into alcohol).
At the end we didn't kissed but soon after he arrived in his house, he sent me a message saying he had liked our afternoon and that he thought we had many things in common (which I disagree lol). I was educated, I said that I have also enjoyed meeting him. But I do not think about going out with him again... I mean, I just want him as a friend. If he asks me to go out again, do I tell him the truth (that I only wants his friendship) or should I keep giving ragged excuses? What is the best thing to do?
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  • You should tell him the truth, no reason to let him hope for something else


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  • It all depends on your feelings if you want to give it another try or not or to remain as friends or not ^^’

  • Just tell him straight out, everything else eventually creates just more pain, to both of you.


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