Did he lead me on or was I crazy?

I don't want to date this dude, but for future reference please see below and tell me if I was crazy or not for taking this as interest...

#1: He is not sweet to anyone.. not even his mom.. but sweet to me
#2: Clear flirting when drunk... chasing me around the bar trying to make me laugh... shouting in front of other guys that I was beautiful
#3: Next time we all go out buying me (and me alone) drinks
#4: Making constant references to a guy I was dating at the time. Making jokes about him. Trying to say he was lame
#5: Constantly telling me that he is my type
#6: Talking about me so much that his buddies tell me he has a crush and asking me if I was interested
#7: "Play pretend" asking me out... doing this about 10 times over the course of 3 months.. would always laugh after.. by the end I began to think it wasn't a joke
#8: "Joking" that he was in love with me and he thought of me all the time
#9: Constantly being aware of what mood I was in.. bought me dinner because he said I looked down (nobody else even mentioned it/could tell apart from him)

Now... when I was drunk I said to this dude that I thought he was handsome too and he massively recoiled and acted like I was completely crazy/random for suggesting this. He denied all knowledge that he had shown any interest. He is making me think that I'm insane for thinking he is interested (by the way, we're on a similar level looks wise, HIS buddies (not mine) think that I'm a bit better looking than he is), although he does have a much better job than I do (I'm currently studying for a better career). Any thoughts?


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  • Yes, I think you are way over thinking this for someone who claims they dont want to date him...

    • I don't want to date someone who doesn't want me... but for future reference, I am often told that I'm quite cold with guys and don't take their come-ons seriously... so I need to know if in this case I was taking him way too seriously so I can judge interest properly

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