Should I message her? Or wait till we talk?

Got a crush on this girl. She probably doesn't know I like her.. doubt it. But she is always on facebook and I so want to talk to her. I'm waiting to talk to her brother in law who is also my buddy before asking her out on a date. PArt of me just wants to message her...



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  • Do It... I did it the other day... but be sure to be yourself and especially do something to get her attention... I said "Hey Dani has Facebook started to pay you yet? Honestly you are the only person who has posted anything I wanted to see in the last week, I really think they should pay you for giving us something to return to every now and then" her name was Danielle

  • In person is always best. Depends on when you will get to see her next. I'm in kind of the same situation now lol

    • We go to the same church. So it will be Sunday. it's just hard gauging when to pull the trigger and be bold about how I feel when we've only hung out in group settings.. that kinds similar to yours?

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    • Probably something along the lines of "hey I would realy like to get together for/to (pick activity) are you free on x day" or "hey I want to take you out to x activity are you free on x day?"

    • You could also try taking her to brunch after church and keep it casual.

  • Get a friend to bump into her in school, then say"sorry my friend is clumsy" or something along those lines.


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