Should I go out on a limb and message the guy I'm interested in? Need advice?

I've become interested in this guy. I'm in high school and dating in HS is totally different from the real world. I hate the mind games that high schoolers play to let someone know they're interested in them and I really just want to be forward and send him a dm that says "Hey, I think you seem really cool and I'd like to get to know you" or something like that. I've never had a boyfriend and I think it's because I've never really put myself out there and I'm a little too shy. I think this is the perfect opportunity to finally actively try to let someone know I'm interested in them but I'm just wondering if that message comes off as desperate or weird. I kind of know this kid (we've had many classes together and we work at the same place over the summer) but we've never really had an extended conversation. I would talk to him in person but I never see him in school anymore. I just want to message him so I can see where this could go. Sorry for all the babbling but I just want to know if it would be too weird to message him?


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  • Give it a shot. People's reactions may vary. Always be ready for a disappointment, even if it won't happen !
    Some people like straight forward, others like sugar coated things.


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