Girls: How do you want to be "hit" on or messaged?

Basically I work full time and go to school so the odds aren't in my favor of just casually meeting new people. On Facebook and random dating apps it seems that the girls I try to pursue aren't interested in me. I guess it would that they don't find me attractive? I really don't think what I'm saying would deter people?

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  • Well, dating apps like Tinder and OKCupid are good for making sure you are talking to girls who are interested in you. (They match with you because they have already found you attractive!) When it comes to a first message, It's important to be funny and personal, make them laugh and feel like they are important to you at the same time.

    Facebook and Twitter private messaging is a minefield and I honestly wouldn't suggest it, as you are looking for many shut-down's on those sites.

  • Hunger Games fan?
    Don't give up, you have bigger chance to succeed if you keep trying although I am not sure online site are the best for this but your choice :)


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