How to approach a girl and what to say?

How should I approach a girl and when should I approach her and what should I say to not be awkward and annoying


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  • Start of with 'hi' or 'how are you' and if she doesn't respond, drop it.

  • Just approach her like you would any other person. Don't be awkward and try to keep the conversation going. If she's a shy girl, be understanding if she isn't talking much. And try saying things that fit the situation. For example, if you see her on the bus during school, ask if the seat next to her is open. If she says yes, sit next to her and just ask what her classes are, how she's doing.. etc. Smile a lot and laugh. It's kinda scary talking to a frowny person xP. If she's doing something important like hw or even if she's just listening to music, it might be a good idea to not drag the talk to long. Keep her waiting and hoping for the next moment to talk with you ;P. Honestly, it's not hard. If you just met her, you might want to be restraining towards flirting with her. Other than that, she's just a normal human being. Don't forget that.


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