Seeking First Crush Advice?

I have one heck of a crush on my tutor. He's a grad student, about 4 (give or take 1) years older than me. I've never had a crush before, and I am lovesick unto death. I have no idea why, but his Classics fun facts and his big eyes make my stomach do flip-flops. He's very shy and seems like he's just as geeky and inexperienced as me.

Obviously I know I can't advance this relationship until the end of the semester when he is no longer in charge of my grade and even then I would have to tread very lightly, but how can I know if he likes me back?

I've googled this question, but I can't quite trust myself to check for signs of a crush. The only things I am certain of are that he does look at me frequently when I read out loud then look away when I look up, and he does seem to be a little more concerned for my happiness than for that of his other students (for instance, he pats me on the back after tests and writes nice notes on my translations sometimes).

I asked him & my other tutor to my college's faculty dinner (a fancy catered dinner that most students attend with one of their tutors or professors) only to find out my other tutor couldn't come. So it was just me and him together for the whole night. We were both obviously very nervous at first, but we started talking and then just kept talking until long after most people had left. Was he just being nice? Was he just enjoying the open bar?

Sometimes I leave my tutoring sessions very happy because I feel certain he really likes me and sometimes I leave dejected because I think it's all in my head. How on earth do I tell?

TL;DR: How does one nerd tell if another nerd likes her?


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  • Next time you are into talking shy not ask about his love life. Or do you have a girlfriend? no? Really? Haha. Do you like anyone at least? might work.


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  • Aw that's cute! I think he has something there for you, but try lightly flirting with him, maybe drop a few hints and subtly somehow ask if he has a partner, you might be lucky


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