Time to see your meme and gif game!!! How would you respond to him?

I've written a few posts about his guy. As he's the first of his kind I've had to deal with like this



Anyways after all this and not making any contact since the 6th November
Today the 27th he decided to text me

Y did you block me?

I opened the whatsapp message so he can see I've read it but I feel like I should have said something.

Make the gifs and memes as funny as you like :-)
Time to see your meme and gif game!!! How would you respond to him?


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  • Lol, don't know on whom meme should be made u or him

    Do u wanna know his real intention behind this?

    • You can submit whatever type of meme you want I'm intrigued to see what you find out there. But if you want to offer your point of view go for it. I really don't mind. :-)

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    • I wasn't aware I was in a battle. Guy meets girl he shows interest she reciprocates they see how things go, it works or it doesn't. Both talk it out, they either move on or start planning together.

      In my case guy met girl they both got on, boy then played games, girl observed behaviour and addressed it, guy disappeared. Girl deleted number. Boy came back to play more games, girl made it clear it's over.

      This doesn't entertain me nor do I find such things interesting. If I wanna play games I take out my Xbox.
      This isn't someone I feel to date anymore, since it's not going to be straightforward and nothing is open to discussion.

      I didn't understand: "And u DNT have guys to accept what happened"

    • Weren't u playing with me?

      Also that line doesn't mean to you :p

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