I used to like a guy who I haven’t talked to in forever. Is it weird if I text him now?

Hey guys I need your opinions! So I used to like this guy a good while ago and he said he also liked me (back then), but we were both dating different people so it obviously couldn’t work out.

Now we’re both single but again we haven’t talked in months. Is it weird or does it look desperate on my part to text him after all this time?

What would you guys feel if your old crush randomly texted you?


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  • Not at all! Just make your intentions clear

    • Alright :d would you feel flattered or shocked or creeped out?

    • I mean if I made my intentions clear wouldn’t he think “wow she still can’t get over me” idk?

    • Just try to add it in casually. And if you're with another guy talk about him a little. Just try to be casual and nice

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