ADVICE NEEDED - Snapchating, and texting my date at night?

We have already gone out on an amazing first date, and we have had a tonne fun. We have already madeout, and things are rolling smoothly, but we aren't officially a couple. We are going on our second date this week.

What is a cute way to snapchat her goodnight, without calling her my girlfriend?
What are some cute compliments I can give her without calling her my girlfriend?

She has a bad history of relationships, so this is moving slowly, which I respect. She is really warming up, and I want to warm it up a bit more, without going all out. LOTS OF OPINIONS PLEASE


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  • A goodnight, "sleep well/don't let the bed bugs bite" text in general is cute, without calling her your girlfriend.

    Same goes for compliments. Just be genuine. Tell her you think she looks beautiful, or her striking eye color really stands out that day, no need to add the "girlfriend" to the end of it.

    Leaving out the official label will help you come across as more genuine in these things, as if you actually mean them and aren't just saying them to take it to the next level.

    • That is great advice! My heart flitters as soon as I think of her, or see her snapchat! So for me, I am having fun with her as things are :)

      Thanks again for the awesome advice!!! Do you know anything else that would be cute, that would make her feel super special, but not creepy?

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    • Good luck! Any woman would be lucky to have a man as dedicated and caring as you.

    • That really means a lot :)
      My only crime is that I care a bit too much sometimes, but I respect space, and time! :) Thank you

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